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Xtreme Creme
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Arouse® X-treme Creme can take hair from one extreme to the other.

It’s not a gel, it’s not a mouse, it’s not a spray or a spritz. It is a revolutionary product that has the healing qualities of a leave-in conditioner and it is used much like one. 
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Arouse® X-treme Creme

  • takes curly, unmanageable hair to straight, healthy hair and keeps it that way until the next time it’s washed.
  • takes straight, flat hair to beautifully shiny full-of-volume hair.
  •  is the solution for thin, style resistant hair. It doesn't weigh down hair like other styling products and it keeps hair shinier and healthier looking for days longer.
  • is formulated to repel dust and dirt.
  • conditions hair and restores its elasticity.
  • will hold a hair's style until it is washed or until heat is applied to it.
  • comes with a money back guarantee.
  • includes free shipping.

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Have you been looking for something this extraordinary? It's finally here ready to turn you into the most beautiful you ever!

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