X-treme Creme Results

Linda Before X-treme Creme

Linda says, "X-treme Creme made my natural curl straighter than expensive permanent straighteners."


Linda After X-treme Creme

"It held without frizz for four days even outside in damp weather."

Rhonda Before X-treme Creme

Rhonda came in with stick-straight, baby fine hair. Rhonda said " I have no body without a perm."



Rhonda After X-treme Creme

After the extreme make-over using our hottest new product, model Rhonda says, "nothing has ever given me the body and volume the X-treme creme gives me! It holds longer than anything I have ever used."


Aimee Before X-treme Creme

Aimee had stick straight hair that would not hold curl for more than a few minutes at a time.

Aimee After X-treme Creme

After applying X-treme Creme, Aimee had curl until she shampooed her hair three days later!